Alpaca Management

Providing Alpaca and Llama services in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland.

As members of the Australian Camelid industry with nearly two decades of experience it troubles us that so many animals are not properly looked after. The most basic maintenance is annual shearing. For this reason, assuming the animals are in our usual travel areas we are happy to stop and shear your animals, from one to many.

  • Small numbers welcome
  • Shearing services include
    • Shearing
    • Vaccination (5 in 1) (by arrangement)
    • Vitamins (A, D and E)(where necessary)
    • Teeth triming
    • Toe triming
    We provide a professional shearing service. While you are welcome to be present while we work, it is not necessary. Camelids are shorn on a table and restrained there for our safety and theirs.

    Our only requirement for shearing is that your animals will be in a pen so that they can be easily caught. If power is not available I can supply a generator (for a fee).

    If you used our service last year you are automatically on our list for next year and do not need to contact us � we will contact you when we are doing a run through your area.

    To see how we shear please check out the �Shearing� page. If you haven't used our service before please check out the �New Client Information�.

    We can be contacted by email or telephone on 0402 318 183.