Alpaca Management

Providing Alpaca and Llama services in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland.

Information for new clients.

As we specialise in small numbers it is important that perspective clients understand how we work.

To make it viable to come to your property to shear your animals we put your details into our shearing list. Your job will be done in a run with other jobs in your area.
Two days before we want to shear your animals you will be sent an SMS which will read;
Please pen your animals on (tomorrow) night ready for shearing on (the day after) and confirm, by SMS, the number to be shorn.

On receipt of confirmation your job will be added to the run for the day.
Unless you are notified otherwise, we will come to your property and shear your animals. It is a good idea to provide bags to put your fleeces in.

We need electricity but carry a generator if it can't be provided adjacent to the pen. We need to be able to get our vehicle (a Ford Transit van with 2.7m clearance) adjacent to the catch pen.

We can not shear your animals if they are not penned!
Sadly some have not understood the need to pen the animals and we have had to require pre-payment for a first shearing. This will be forfeited if the animals are not penned in a catch pen. We are happy to leave an invoice on successive shearings. If you wish to book your animals in for shearing please complete and submit the following form. You will receive a confirmation SMS once we have received your details. Completion of this form will cause an email to be sent to us.


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We can be contacted by email or telephone on 0402 318 183.