Alpaca Management

Providing Alpaca and Llama services in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland.

We specialise in shearing small numbers of alpacas and llamas and, providing you are within our standard service area, are happy to visit your property to shear your animals.

Our basic requirement is that you can pen the animals in a catch pen, adjacent to where we can get our vehicle. Electrical supply is appreciated

Safety is a top priority and, while you are welcome to watch, we ask that you keep clear while the work is being done.

All animals are shorn on a table designed for the purpose with lighter ones being lifted on or the table is rolled for larger ones.

The following photographs show the process of a llama being shorn.

Equipment set up ready for shearing.

Llama ready for shearing.

Table rolled ready for Llama.

Llama at table, ready to be put on.

Set up about to be rolled.

Table and llama being rolled.

Llama about to be restrained ready for shearing.

One side shorn and llama being turned so that other side can be shorn.

Turn over completed.

Elegant dismount.

Off the table.

Llama shorn and ready for release.

We can be contacted by email or telephone on 0402 318 183.